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Lords of War

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name: Ekaatun -- First Dark boss
design: A dragon that has material jaw,upper body and 2 front feet. Rest of his body is immaterial dark energy. He is large in size, his one foot should be around the size of 100-200 units. He has large sharp teeth, multiple pairs of horns plate armour covering his fangs.
weapon: Dark energy surrounding him
isEnemy: neutral
Sketch -- In progress
name: Makkath -- Second Dark boss
design: Tall, has cape going over his right arm, plate armour covers his left arm, shoulder pad is placed on his left arm as well. He possesses no armour on his right arm. He wears a top that leaves his chest open, has plate belt, legs and boots. He shouldn't appear human-like, but should be masculine in some way. His head is made out of pure dark energy.
weapon: His left arm with the plate armour(able to strike using weaker energy) and his right arm(main source of energy attacks)
isEnemy: hostile
one_hand_guy_redo2.thumb.jpg.731a72dd8a8ffdf366690efb3e85d203.jpgname: Ecantiel -- First Light bossdesign: Wears a tall robe(hooded), Has plate gloves, legs and boots. The way he walks he doesn't step onto anything other than pure energy that spawns below his feet, enabling him to float. He has wings coming out of his back that are made out of his energy.weapon: His gloves, legs and boots can detach and form parts of a hammer, the rest of the hammer is made out of energy itself.



after_hammper.thumb.jpg.8c5fd9e007effea6cec4456266956b8c.jpgname: Mihrodom -- Second Light bossdesign: Engraved mask covering his face, shoulder pads with spikes protruding them, plate gloves, legs and feet. Wears a cape that goes on his back and has little ornaments that fall in front. Wears 2 books by his belt on each side and has wings made out of feathers that are longer than normal.weapon: He is able to summon spears that he can then use as a throwable weapons, launching them at his foes. This doesn't count as a weapon, but he is able to summon protective barriers. They are feathery fields infused with light that can't be penetrated. During that period, he loses his flight.isEnemy: hostile


boss2_angel_wings.thumb.jpg.f5c5d8218eef3d2efbaa22b04c1fd281.jpgname: Udeseth -- First Dark acolytedesign: His visual represents a big meaty slob. He has cuts and bruises all over body from which the dark energy protrudes from. He wears a big helmet, with nails placed on the outside. He doesn't have arms, both have been cut off and replaced with something else. One arm is a big mace and the other has dark energy formed in a shape of his lost hand.weapon: Mace(physical) as one hand, and the dark energy serving as the other hand(can send waves of dark energy) are both used as his primary sources of damage. Other than that, he can accept his rage and let loose the dark energy contained within him. At that point, the dark energy surrounds him, changes his form to strong and muscular and enables him to jump, creating smaller shakes, and rampage his enemies.isEnemy: hostile

fat.thumb.jpg.d99a1334db1d7c6ead068ffca43ee8bd.jpgname: Saronim -- Second Dark acolytedesign: Taller, skinny, no muscles. Her lower jaw was removed and replaced by plate counterpart, that constantly leaks the dark energy coming from his mouth. Her eyes have been gauged out. She has plate belt, legs and boots.weapon: She can spit on her enemies, detach her limbs on purpose to hit them, explode and leave a puddle behind that damages enemies. Her main ability is her regeneration. She is able to ,almost, instantly pull her limbs back together and reform her shape once more.
isEnemy: hostile


name: Trilak -- Third Dark acolytedesign: Has big , muscular arms and legs. Possesses no head. His mouth is placed on his stomach. Has shoulder pads that look like mouths (closing and opening), plate boots which have spikes on the edges and a chest piece that goes around his mouth.weapon: He has two shields attached to his arms. His main ability ,though, is summoning. He is able to summon allies that come out of his mouth to fight his enemies. He can breath dark energy from his mouth and has devastating swing attacks and can block attacks with shields.isEnemy: hostile



name: Ornugot -- Fourth Dark acolytedesign: Big muscular hunk of flesh. Tall. Possesses no armour due to his ability. From elbows below he has no hands, he has blades. Has only one eye.weapon: Due to his sheer size, during walking let alone jumping, he shakes the ground beneath him. He can swing his blades around with merciless force. His main ability is to split into smaller pieces. He will use this ability to either outnumber his enemy or to provide attacks from all sides at once.isEnemy: hostile



name: Utameniel -- First Light acolytedesign: Wears a shorter robe, his belt is made out of spheres and he has no head, it's replaced by 4 different masks. Taller. weapon: His masks are his greatest weapons. The first mask represents energy, boosting his abilities and attacks. The second mask represents equality, which drains the life of his enemies. The third mask represents justice, spreading all the damage he takes equally amongst the foes.The fourth mask represents unity, during which phase he calls upon his allies to aid him in combat. If there are no allies nearby he will proceed to summon them.isEnemy: hostileSketch -- In progressname: Sardoth -- Second Light acolytedesign: The only acolyte that possesses wings. Is the fastest among them. Has plate belt, legs and boots.weapon: Her two-headed spear, which has blades on both ends. Her ability is to split the spear in half and use the halves as swords.isEnemy: hostile


name: Tessimus -- Third Light acolytedesign: Envisioned as an orb of light.weapon: His ability is to split into smaller orbs, and other than that to control the material objects. He, as energy, can control anything that isn't alive(from castles to mountains).
isEnemy: neutral
Sketch -- Just an orb of light, in progress

name: Odonotiel -- Fourth Light acolyte
design: Tall hooded man with grey beard. Levitates the entire time with no movement required. His eyes glow bright green. His mouth is covered with leather.
weapon: He is not someone who kills, rather disables his enemies. And that's exactly what his abilities are, they are stunning his opponents long enough for his allies to finish them off. He is constantly guarded by his light soldiers. He also specializes in observation, hence his ability to counter enemies. Analyzing his enemies, Odonotiel can predict their attacks and act against it.
isEnemy: hostile


== Important ==
If it happens that we change the design of any of the aforementioned Lords we will post an update on this exact topic showing the changes before the complete implementation in the LORE-Characters topic.

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