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The Risen Scorpions --
Traditional people who follow their beliefs of old. Due to their villages being near a desert, they practice in endurance. Their name comes from their trials of survival. When men become of age, they are ordered to venture into the desert and survive for one year. There, they meet horrors unseen by the rest of the world. Those who return are named Scorpions and join their army ranks. They are very protective of their own, hostile to all outsiders. They live in tightly packed villages with their crops around their houses. They practice poison-crafting from the animals that live there, and usually work either as assassins or vanguard. Their weapons of choice are daggers, bows and potions. Their houses are usually made out of wood supported with stone and covered in mud so they are camouflaged against the predators. Their clothing is leather and reinforced with metal plates around vital points.
The Hidden Crows --
Twisted folk who prefer the company of their crows rather than humans. They live separated from one another, in smaller villages. They span across the entire island. From the very beginning they are given one crow that will accompany them during life. They can, through tests earn more and more crows, eventually becoming a chieftain if they have the most crows. Legends say that their crows are their ancestors guiding them through life, helping them overcome life. They are always blinded on one eye, just so they can look through their crows. Their houses are usually made out of stones isolated using mud. They survive by hunting down the animals, using crows as their weapons. Those who prove they can't control their crows are banished from their community. They are ruthless fighters who can obliterate unsuspecting foes.
Prophets of the Night --
Followers of a dark, terrible creature. The creature destroyed its body, turned into blood to become immortal. He caused havoc in the past and was locked away to rot under the ground. His followers are spreading the word of their god, telling the world of the great destruction that is imminent and that it will soon be a upon them. They live isolated on a small island. They live purely on their belief, with no food or water. They won't kill unless you insult their god, in which case they will gut you and sacrifice you in his name.
Disciples of the Forgotten --
An order of knights which fought alongside Grey Shadows during the Great Conflict. They helped them establish foothold on Kaultinera, granting them quick access during outbreaks. They have been tasked to protect the chambers of the Creator. They erased all documents stating his existence, in order for the hidden powers to stay forgotten. They received a blessing, for their heroic deed of protection, they've become sentinels, granting them extended life and regenerative youth. They never leave the crypts, and constantly keep watch for intruders.

Veszard --
A noble house from the north, they are in alliance with Flaegawns. Peaceful folk. They are mostly fishermen, with farmers on the northern parts. They have strong fleet, and impressive infantry. Their flag hangs high, showing off their green and blue colours. Their noble animal is a bear, which lives in their mountains to the west. They believe in the power of the Light, and worship Utameniel, and have shrines all over their island.
Luwsadt --
Primitive noblemen. They don't communicate with the rest of Kaultinera, they keep to their own. It was since the Great Conflict, from which they had the most casualties, that they withdrew from the global scene. They have the strongest infantry. They mostly live off fishes, crops and animals. Their houses are well structured, built higher off the ground with support beams. That is because they were flooded in the past. Their armour is the weakest, yet weapons the sharpest. They cast away their beliefs. They prayed and prayed during the Conflict, yet met nothing but their doom. They are under no influence and act to their own codex.
Flaegawn --
The oldest nobles on Kaultinera. They are in alliance with Veszards. They mostly consist of farmers and cattlemen. Their power comes from their water reserves, which is their leverage preventing others from attacking them. They are also the craftsmen of Kaultinera. They have small army, which they mainly use as border guards.They prefer more diplomatic approach to things, rather than explosive war. They also believe in the Light, worshipping Ecantiel.
Niephom --
The last remains of the great colossi, they are the most advanced folk on Kaultinera. They prefer solitude, which is why their settlement is surrounded by tall mountains and vast oceans. They abandoned the Light, as it betrayed them in the past. Over time, they started practicing dark arts, which lead them to their great discoveries. Their skin is hard, eyes hollow and hearths iron. They mostly live underground, but their forges are located outside.
Mahlynden -- 
Bloodthirsty nobles. They were a mere village, but during the Conflict they gave into the darkness and got corrupted. They soon pillaged and ravaged all in front of them. After the War they settled on the Eastern Coast. No one knows to say what exactly they are doing right now, but all hope that they will keep silent. They worship Udeseth, and have slaughtered entire forests in his name.

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