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  1. Will post in-game screenshots of the actual islands and places when there is context.
  2. Temp Launcher for cleaning %temp% cache for Grey Shadow Launcher is a new *must* for launching the game. It includes auto updating for the game, and has features towards anti-cheating. Later post on anti-cheat will be made, but no details shared on the actual functionality. (NOT THE ACTUAL LAUNCHER, THIS IS A TEMP VERSION TO RESERVE POST) GreyShadowLauncher.exe
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    Direct support tickets to the following address Or click HERE
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  5. Tons of content will come within the next month. For all the people switching from the old SNET to the new site, please feel free to write a report for help. 😎 Have a good day.
  6. older versions will be pasted here for documentation and later use
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    The Early Stages

    This event will last for the given duration to represent a time of remembrance for the past development of Grey Shadow